Big Designs for a Small Bathroom
Big Designs for a Small Bathroom
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Big Designs for a Small Bathroom

Your bathroom should feel intimate and comfortable, a place that will embrace you before the day and melt away stress at the end of it. Working with the limited space you have to transform into the bathroom that you want can be accomplished with these clever design tricks that create an illusion of having more square footage:

Tip #1.  Make a Color Splash

The aim is to create a space of serenity. This can be accomplished selecting colors from a pale, soft pallet, such as a pale blue, soft beiges, whites and greens, neutral gray or light peach. When working with a small bathroom, the lighter the color the better. Another trick to make the space visually expand is to paint the ceiling the same color as your walls. You can always incorporate your favorite bold colors in towel or rug accents.

Tip #2.  Lighten Up

If you want to make your bathroom appear larger without getting out the sledge hammer to physically expand your space, add a window at the end of the axis and let that natural light pour in! Another idea is to replace a thick shower curtain with a glass panel. This will guide the eye farther into the atmosphere, giving the illusion of more space.

Tip #3.  Cabinet Fever

Adding cabinets above or below your vanity saves space and removes clutter from your small bathroom. Using opaque glass for the cabinet fronts creates an airy, open feel without showcasing your toiletries and bathroom products.

Tip #4. Tile Tales

Using larger tiles with lighter colors will create an illusion of more space.  By laying the tiles diagonally, the eye will be lead away making the space appear larger.

Tip #5.  Shhh… Secret Laundry

Inspired by the kitchen garbage space, a space saving solution that will give you more room to move is a laundry pullout with removable canvas built underneath the sink, to stop airing your dirty laundry.

Tip #6.  On A Pedestal

If your design challenge is a narrow bathroom, consider replacing your vanity with a pedestal sink to streamline the flow of your bathroom. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can create the look that best fits your style.

Tip #7. Mirror, Mirror

Adding mirrors in your bathroom is a great way to add depth to your space, especially when placed across from a window- creating the illusion of another window. If you don’t have a window, simply install mirrors across from each other and add light fixtures next to each.

To learn more tips on how to transform your small bathroom into one that feels larger, visit to get ideas and connect with the design experts to start creating your “larger” bathroom.

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