Custom Cabinetry
Custom Cabinetry
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Custom Cabinetry

Storage in your kitchen or bath space is an important consideration. Primarily, color and construction of the cabinets are vital elements to a kitchen design. Our goal is to select the right cabinets that serves your household’s needs and maximizes your space.

Kitchen Cabinet Planning

By way of our proposed layouts, your kitchen cabinets will provide storage ample for dry goods, flatware, and appliances.

As an example, during the initial planning stage, wall cabinet height should be considered with regard to the individuals accessing them. Some cabinets can be installed closer to the countertop as needed for ease of use. As you can imagine, the level of details in the cabinet design can extend right down to the knobs or pulls you choose.

With more than 10 years of home remodeling experience, BHR’s team of expert designers will account for every facet of your professional kitchen cabinet design and installation.

To request a design consultation for your new remodeling projects, please contact BHR at 908.273.9011.

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