Innovative Kitchen Layouts
Innovative Kitchen Layouts
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Innovative Kitchen Layouts

Imagine entering a kitchen that invites you in with unique mosaic tile patterns, custom granite countertops, stunning marquis appliances and authentic hard wood flooring.

Beyond tape measures and space plan drawings, our creative team brainstorms multiple layouts that are personalized to your lifestyle and aimed to exceed your expectations on aesthetics and functionality.

Contemporary kitchen layouts to consider during the planning phase of your kitchen oasis:

  • L-Shaped: countertops positioned on two perpendicular walls
  • U-Shaped/horseshoe: three walls of cabinets and appliances
  • One-wall: cabinets and appliances installed on a single wall
  • Galley: walk through style kitchen, there are two walls on either side, or walkway in between two countertops on opposite sides
  • Island: a surface counter and storage element centrally located in a large kitchen space that provides ample clearance
  • Penninsula: L-shaped or horseshoe space that boasts an attached island

Artful and organized, your new modern kitchen will be perfectly suited to prepare new recipes, convene, and entertain family and friends.

From well-appointed furniture quality cabinets, natural stone countertops, decorative accent lighting and more, BHR will complement your home with a beautiful master kitchen you’ll be sure to enjoy.

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